Male Model Photoshoot Preparation Guide

Male Model Photoshoot Preparation Guide

What twists a model to a highly paid supermodel?

What compels people to pursue hot models on the web?

Sean O’Pry, David Gandy, Noah Mills, Ryan Burns, Simon Nessman, and Tyson Beckford are few names from the whole bunch of these sexy and highly-paid creatures.
GQ Style Magazine Cover Page

Known as the “mommy boy”, Sean O’Pry has made $1.5M as per the latest report shared by Forbes.

It actually requires a plethora of hard work and immense dedication to looking the way models look. Peep into a day of Sean O’Pry and other models.

Milind Soman, Dino Morea, Arjun Rampal, and Prateek Jain are few super-duper successful Indian models who don’t need any introduction. Their number of fans is enough to explain their success.

Let’s start with the basics first. Speed up to achieve the photo-ready shape first.

# 7 Days Workout Challenge for The Best Body

Plan your workout sessions. Do regular Cardio, Zumba, Aerobics for the need and texture of your body. A toned and healthy body is worth the sweat before the camera.

Let’s start by getting a great physique, first. All we’re taking is 7 Days work out the challenge to achieve a healthy, fit body ready for the photo-shoot.

Day 1-3:

Start with training each body part.
Plan out 3 exercises for small muscle biceps, triceps, shoulders and abs daily.
Start with 2 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions.
For chest, back, quads and other large muscle groups, repeat the same exercise in 3 sets.
Do some cardio exercises as well.

Day 4-5:

Check your carb intake first. If your carb intake is 200 grams in a day, then increase your water intake. Water intake would help you to cut down the carbs.
Cut down the sodium from your diet
If your body mass is 175 lbs then you need to have an intake of 8 liters of water on a regular basis.
A Man Running on the Beach

Day 6:

Reduce your carb intake to nearly less than 50 grams per day.
Keep the water intake the same.
Do some intermittent fasting and running exercises.
Deplete your muscle glycogen with some weight lifting exercises to gain lean muscle mass.
Consume only 5-7 grams of carbohydrates with the glycogen depletion exercise.

Day 7:

It’s the cheat day for the maximum leanness.
No sodium for the day
Just a sip of water throughout the day is allowed. Otherwise, just cut the water.
Take a glass of wine the night before to improve vascularity.
Include asparagus in your diet for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.
Include Omega-3 Fatty Acids supplements in your diet schedule.
Stay conscious of your diet. Everything that you eat surely affects your weight. Prefer the intake of natural foods such as fresh veggies, whole grains, and fruits.

Avoid having processed foods as it does not contain any nutrition value.

#Practice Facial Expressions with Mirror

Take practice sessions in front of the mirror to get confident with different body poses. You can practice intense faces and different looks.

This will give you the confidence to pose differently and thereby, you’ll learn to master this art of posing.

The best way to pose like a role model is to imitate their favorite poses before the shoot. This way, you can find your most flattering pose and show off your assets.

Getting your smile camera-ready calls for some behind-the-scenes preparations.

To get a photogenic smile, don’t forget to take care of your gums and teeth. If required, visit the dentist to get cracked, broken or missing teeth in place.

A smile plays an important role in your portfolios. That’s why you need to pay some extra attention to your overall oral health. Brush, floss and rinse it with an antibacterial mouthwash every day.

To get beautiful teeth and healthy gums, you need to do some small efforts- for overall dental health, you can take some help from these easy tips.

#Body Hair

Most men are opting for the same grooming habits as women. They opt to go hairless for the photoshoot sessions.

Body hair can not only hide your muscle definition but also it can make you look dirty.

A week prior:

Don’t go for wax/ shave. Prefer doing it 2-3 days before the shoot.
Before waxing, make sure you exfoliate the skin with a gentle scrub to remove all dead cells.
To make waxing less painful, you can trim the hair to at least 1 cm in length.
Don’t try waxing at home, you might miss some areas.
If your skin gets red after waxing, you can cool the skin by gently rubbing some ice-cubes. Avoid using any alcohol-based fragrances that might cause irritation.
The red spots after the wax are quite normal as the skin is sensitive. Make sure you use some wax spray to repair the skin cells.
Hair removal creams, electrical trimming options are available. All you have to make sure, it goes friendly with your skin and does not cause any irritation.

For more to read: guidance on eyebrows for male models.

A day before:

Moisturize your skin deeply. Don’t go for hard scrub.
Don’t experiment with any new hair removal product as it may lead to breaking out.
Stay away from the sun.
Keep yourself hydrated.

#Facial Hair

A clean-shaven look is more approachable. But depending upon the shoot requirements, sometimes for a wild look, a beard is in demand.

But all you’ve to make sure is to keep your facial hair presentable. Models are opting for perfect stubbles from the full beard. And, it’s the best look before your photoshoot.

A week prior:

Avoid a clean-shaved look before the shoot.
Keep your skin healthy. Increase the water intake to moisturize it.
Avoid chemical treatments or getting a facial.
Go for some creamy and gentle cleansers.
Keep it simple: cleanse, hydrate and moisturize.

A day before:

You can go for a clean-shaven look.
Exfoliate and clean the skin gently.
You can use the hair trimmer to maintain an equal and subtle length of your facial hair.
If it’s summertime shoot or you live in some sunny location then, be careful about it. Always wear a sunscreen to avoid tanning lines.
Trim nose and ear hairs.

#Radiant Skin

Clean skin is healthy skin. There are plenty of easy things which you can do to attain a glowing and healthy skin.

No doubt, your professional makeup artists can excel in the beauty of your photos. But you need to be taking care of your skin for optimum results before your scheduled shoot.

A week prior:

Keep yourself hydrated.
Don’t forget to take your vitamins with your breakfast.
Include zinc, folic acid & vitamin C into your diet.
Use a good quality eye cream and a lip balm.

A day before:

Good skin means a good sleep of 8 hours. Get enough sleep.
Prefer not going out with friends for night fun. Go to bed at a reasonable hour.
Use almond & vitamin E under eye cream.
Drink plenty of water.
Avoid too much caffeine intake.
Give rest to your eyes.

Final to-do list before 24 hours:

Food rich in Protein, Carbs & Fats
To sum everything up, take a look at the final to-do list of things 24 hours before the shoot:

Take nutrients rich diet.
Sound sleep heals the whole body.
Keep yourself hydrated.
Give good amount of rest to your eyes.
Trim your nails and keep it clean.
Keep your fingernails and toenails clean.
Pamper yourself with a French manicure and a relaxing pedicure.
Hit the gym or a prefer taking a jog early morning.
Moisturize and exfoliate your skin.
Keep up the enthusiasm and avoid any sort of stress.
Wear off watches, rings, or other accessories that could leave an impression on your skin.
Don’t be anxious about the shoot and do not schedule any activities for the day.
Coordinate for the photoshoot location in advance to avoid any hassle in the morning

#On the Shoot Day

So, here’s the day! Your shoot day, fellas!

Start your daily early with a jogging or yoga session.
Avoid hot shower and apply antiperspirant.
Avoid taking more than one coffee in a day.
Take some juices or coconut water.
Be punctual. Arrive on the photoshoot on time.
Take a light meal before leaving for the shoot.
Keep bottled water, some healthy snacks, almonds or nuts with you
To avoid bright lights in the studio or sunlight, prefer wearing sunglasses.
Maintain a positive and confident attitude.
Guys, this blog is an absolute help to those seeking tips before preparing for their photoshoot. The success in the modeling industry is also determined by keeping and maintaining the right, optimistic attitude.

The efforts invested in staying in decent shape would not suffice only. Make sure you take good care of your emotional well-being.

If there is any portfolio related issue troubling you, you can post your queries! We would love to be your mate in your fame journey!

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