How to Improve Chances to Getting Hired Model

How to Improve Chances to Getting Hired Model

The world of modeling is a hyper competitive one. There are dozens of models looking to get hired for the same modeling assignment as you. Some of them are more experienced than you, some have better physiques etc. So how do you make sure that you stand out of the crowd and get noticed by the people taking the Audition?

Here are 7 tips that will help you improve your chances of getting selected:

1. Believe in Yourself: 

Don’t worry if you see the waiting room or hall full of models. Most will be nervous as you. The key is to have very strong belief in yourself and your capabilities.

It’s normal to feel nervous and have a fear of rejection especially if it’s your first audition. Remember that not getting selected is part of life but don’t let that fear get you down before your audition as it will come through when you face the camera.

2. Always be ready at a moment’s notice:

A lot of times you may get a casting or audition call with very little time to spare be prepared for this, as it happens more often that you think.

And this is why you need to make sure that your hair and appearance are properly groomed every day. Your clothes and shoes maybe casual but always ensure that they are clear and well pressed.

Besides your portfolio pictures or album, your physical appearance is the next important thing at an audition.
This tells the people taking the audition / casting call that you are a professional and that you take pride in your overall look. And of course looking and feeling good about yourself will boost your confidence as well.

3. Your Portfolio:

Always remember to carry your portfolio with you. You can have your portfolio in digital form in a pen drive or a DVD but I strongly suggest to carry the hard copy of your portfolio (your portfolio album).

This can come in handy as some casting directors like to see your portfolios in actual photographs.

4. Practice at home:

Becoming comfortable in front of a camera is key to give a good condition. Practice at home in front of a video camera and then analyze your performance. It helps if you have friends or fellow models in the room when you practice as this helps to focus inspite of having people in the room. You can also take feedback from them.

This exercise will help you a lot during your auditions as you will not be distracted by other people in the audition or casting room.

5. Be prepared to give answers:

Sometimes, the casting director or members of his team will ask you questions about specific photo’s in your portfolio (eg. where were the shooted, name of the photographer or agency where you got your portfolio done? etc.) be ready with the answers and be confident when replying.

All in all to improve your chances to land a modeling job you need not only a very good portfolio but you also need to be mentally strong, have faith in yourself and not be intimidated by your fellow models and the environment.

Practice your modeling skills by doing different poses and try out different looks.

I wish you all the best for your next modeling call.

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