How To Get Your Child Into Modeling

Whoever came up with the idea of advertising wouldn’t have thought about models firsthand! That is for sure!

In the early years of advertising, there used to be just the products that were printed with a call to buy them. Sounds boring, I know, but that is how things were before.

But the industry grew and now every product has a pretty face and attractive personality attached to it. The advertisers use male, female or child models to advertise their product.

There are handsome men and gorgeous women endorsing the products of one kind or other. And then there are kids!

If your kid has the potential to become a child model, here are some tips on how to get your child into modeling.

In the advertising industry, you will find kids of every age. There are tiny ones with wide eyes that are convincing parents to buy diapers with their adorable smiles.

There are the toddlers, endorsing toys of different kinds. And the kids of every age are seeking a career in modeling.

All of these kids are trying to sell the products with their super convincing powers.

And they earn well from it too! Don’t believe me? Well, check out a few famous child models who are earning great!

Ekaterina Samsonov, the famous child model earned $50,000 through modeling for many successful campaigns. That too, at the tender age of 11! How cool is that?

Back in days, she too has started off fresh, just like your child would. Many kids start their modeling career with ads.

If you look at such ads and think “That’s adorable, but my kid is cuter than this kid!” – You’ve landed at the right place!

It must be amusing for you to think about how your little one can make good money and be on TV or a magazine.

If you see that extraordinary convincing smile on your kid’s face or if they are keen to be behind the camera – we’re here to push you to the next step!

Here are a few tips for you on how to get your child into modeling:

01. Portfolio

No! We’re not talking about a professional portfolio that costs a fortune to a model.

We’re talking about just some great pictures of your child. These pictures are a way by which your child can be seen as a little photogenic creature.

Here, you need to pay heed to one thing – not every good picture is taken by a professional photographer. We’re talking about your kid here and they just need to be natural.

You can take some good pictures of your child yourself! So pull out your camera and click!

Just be sure not to be too casual while taking the pictures.

Good and clean shots with one whole body picture and one head-shot are good enough to represent your kid’s potential as a model.

Know more about the essential pictures for child models.

With these pictures in your hand, you’re good to go to the modeling agencies.

When you contact a modeling agency for the first time, be sure to contact them through mail.

Send a self-addressed envelope with the pictures of your kid in it.

For details, you must write the name of your child, their age, height, the size of clothes they wear, and your contact information on the back side of the photographs.

Remember that the modeling agencies usually don’t go for a specific look. They will scrutinize your kid’s pictures and see if your kid is the model they’re looking for.

The modeling agency will make the call if they think your kid has it what it takes to work for them!

02. Choosing The Modeling Agency – Carefully!

Taking the assistance of a modeling agency is the best option. No firm would directly hire models for their ads.

The marketers usually seek help from the big modeling agencies. These agencies act as a mediator between the advertisers and the models.

But while you’re choosing a modeling agency, make sure you avoid scams.

While seeking the services of a modeling agency, never go for the one that wants you to spend heavily on portfolio shoots. This is not necessary and you will end up wasting all your money.

The other thing to keep in mind is to avoid an agency that asks for money before your kid appears in any advertisement or project.

No reputable agency would ask for their commission before assigning any work to your kid.

So, be very careful while you’re choosing a modeling agency for your kid. You need not waste your time, money and efforts!

03. Be Ready To Go!

After everything is sorted with a modeling agency and your kid gets a call from the agency, you need to brace yourself now!

When your kid is put for modeling in front of firms, they first want to meet with the kid and their parents to discuss their projects.

So, your modeling agency will fix your child up for meetings and go-sees. For this, you need to prepare yourself and your kid. These meetings and go-sees might last for few minutes or even a whole day.

During this time, you need to make sure that you put your walking shoes on and be with your kid wherever they’re called.

To keep your kid motivated and enthusiastic towards their modeling career, you yourself need to look committed to it!

Remember that, if you lose faith in them, they will lose it too. So keep bucking them up and be there as their support system.

04. Learn To Accept Rejection

At one point or the other, someone is going to reject your child. So, always make up your mind towards the rejection of your kid.

Also, make sure that your kid doesn’t take it to his heart too.

Rejection is a part of show business. Not every model suits the requirements of the project that they are auditioning for.

So, make sure you tell your kid to stay cheerful even if he’s rejected. It might be hard for them in the beginning but with your love and support, they can get over with it very soon.

05. Take Care Of Their Health

Show business is all about looks and looks are all about health!

If your kid is not healthy, they will never look camera-ready.

Off course, we know that no one can look camera-ready all the time, but we’re talking about health here.

While your kid is pursuing modeling, a major reason for their rejection can be their looks. They might look pale or unhealthy.

So, be sure to take a good care of the health of your child. The two main things to focus here are – food and water.

Make sure that your child always has a complete meal and that he stays hydrated. Staying hydrated also helps your child’s skin get ready for the camera.

You must make it a habit for your kid to have lots of water as a part of their routine. This will help them get a glowing and healthy skin.

For a complete meal, you can start a diet plan where your kid can have their favorite dishes along with all the required nutrition. This will help them stay energetic and enthusiastic all the time.

So, here’s to the parents who want to see their kids on that TV screen, in a magazine, or on a huge highway billboard! We feel your dream deep down and we wish you good luck with your kid’s journey to becoming a supermodel!

For any other assistance regarding child modeling, feel free to contact us.

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